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Ratnakar Ispat India
TMT Sariya


TMT bars made form 100% Billet.

  • Ratnakar TMT is one stop solution for TMT requirements producing wide range of grades like Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550, Fe600, CRS and sizes ranging from 8mm to 40mm.
  • Carbon content below 0.25% in Fe500 and Fe550 and below 0.21% in Fe500D, Fe550D n Fe600.
  • Ratnakar TMT is not only ISI approved but also provides TMT bars as per European, Russian and American standards. Ratnakar TMT is newly installed fully automatic rolling mill using German Technology .
  • Sulphur & Phosphorus below 0.075% in all grades.
  • Specialised in making CRS billets.
  • We do not use steel scrap to tie bundles of TMT bars.
  • Ratnakar TMT bars are bundled by machines using polymer plastic strips.
  • Normally 50 kilo scrap is sold to consumers at TMT price in name of bundling which costs around 60rs per ton. Thus, Ratnakar TMT saves money for its consumers.

Steel So True, It Speaks For Itself

Ratnakar TMT bars have three vital characteristics that separate them from the rest quality that speaks of the purity of steel, strength that speaks of an ability to withstand forces and endurance, that gives it longevity. Ratnakar TMT ensures this by focusing on 3 important parameters during the manufacturing process.

The Unique Quenching Process

The outer temperature of the bars is reduced from 1000C to 450 C in half a second by intensive controlled cooling. This results in the surface being modification to temperature martensite the core being transformed to ductile ferrite-pearlite.

Stringent Quality Testing

Stringent Quality Tests are conducted at every stage and the desired chemistry maintained right through the process. After manufacturing, the products are carefully inspected at Spectrolab by an expert quality team and evaluated on various parameters like weight, tensile strength, elongation, bend capability and chemistery.

Weight Standard Chart
Nominal Dia Size (mm) kg/mtr.BIS Standard range weight kg/mtr.BIS Standard range weight kg/mtr.RATNAKAR TMT weightNo. of pieces Bundle lemght ft. kg. Bundle wieght Kg.
80.395 0.367-0.423 0.370-0.395 18 40 85
10 0.617 0.574-0.660 0.580-0.615 13 40 90
12 0.888 0.844-0.932 0.845-0.895 9 40 92
16 1.58 1.502-1.657 1.550-1.580 5 40 108
20 2.47 2.396-2.544 2.400-2.470 3 44 100
25 3.85 3.735-3.966 3.750-3.850 1 44 52
32 6.31 6.121-6.500 6.120-6.310 1 44 85